Our Services


Fittedwardrobe.co we thrive on making sure every customer of ours is a happy satisfied customer. We deliver a professional service from the second you contact Fittedwardrobe.co as well as our amazing team of qualified designers.
Once your order has been placed with us it will looked after by one of our very own Project Managers to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Why not call us to arrange for one of our Designers to give you a free quotation with no obligation to buy! This will all take place in the comfort and convenience of your own home, our designer will listen to your ideas and thoughts and take you through the many different bedroom styles available and help you choose one that meets your criteria.


Fittedwardrobe.co help you to achieve into the space you have. We have a large selection and variety of the finest materials and large range of colours and designs to choose from. Our designer will go through all of this with you as well as drawings, sketches and plans to see what best suits you.


From its inception, through the design process, and its ultimate installation you will not be disappointed. Every little detail is considered, and modified as required, to suit our customer's individual needs and requirements. Your experience with us will be refreshing as our dedicated team of individuals take the time, care and attention to deliver a truly individual end product. Their cornerstones of creativity, design, and service shine through.


Our teams who carry out the workmanship are extremely professional and highly skilled. The work is carried out with minimum fuss and maximum cleanliness. We aim to have everything fitted for you within the time of approximately 10 -20 days of the order being processed depending on the design and colour etc.

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